Myself, Ganesh & Cosmo

who are we ?

We three are the editors and maintainers of this portal or website or which one might percieve as something intermediate such as content and information sharing and management to fight dissonance & dense information pressure. This basically helps one to take a peer into our heads, and also helps us to organize information using a visual way that provides a graph structure of linkages.

We love entropy, and so we have to deal with the curse of information range and density that once clogged the brain by clouding the minds that made us travel from confusion, to rage, to dissonacne, to idiosyncracy, to self regulation, to clarity, towards non-motivational reasoning & still travelling.... to reach courage, confidence & critical thinking.

who am i ?

I am just another mere common in this multi-agent simulated world - Planet Earth. Thus i am one of those agents who would like to being part of the game, but have realized to some extent that everything is connected, there is neither good nor bad, there is neither positive nor negative... and have decided to play the game from progressive side. I often displace myself away from this circus, take a seat and try to see, observe rather than just looking at it. In the process i naturally learn.

I often felt so fortunate to have great parents, friends & peers who have constantly supported me economically and morally. Even though most of us are blinded by curtain and carpets of ignorance, i could not ignore their love for me. Furthermore, who am i to judge and fit them to a particular behaviour ? Humans are generally passionate and helpful, even when we think ourselves as highly sophisticated & enlightened social civilizations - while research and reality say otherwise... :)

what am i ?

If u have started to wondering about the three manifestations, yes, We three belong to the same brain. Why ? because we emerged from loneliness, to manage and regulate information processing; to accept criticism, to empathize, to preserve individuality, to be social, to be confident, to build courage, to be critical ... I love independent research. May be its because that i crave for research to be independent of any organization, institution or establishment. This provides me with a professional title Independent Researcher. I do like to research on issues that catch my interest - usually stuff related with food, transport, communications, energy, education & research iteself.

Do you like to Collaborate ?

Well system has pressured me to shout to people to who i am not actually is. It has provided me with certain qualifications and certificates just to marketize me as a commodity, so that anybody who is interested in making a profit out of surplus can make use of my financial instability and skill set, so that i could continue my hobby, passion, writing, editing and maintaining this site.... :D in the remaining time.

Like everybody else in this system, i need to immunize myself with dosage of compromises on principles, & ideas - whatever that might be. At the end of the day, me have to eat food, drink water, & live in a relatively safe habitat. The institutionalized elite systems casted me with its education foundry, ripped off my backbone to bend for its functionality.

But, i have decided to stay resilient to it, and to start acting instead of expecting something to be done by the system for a progressive change. Anybody who is interested & willing to collaborate with me in a cooperative way, please do email me or try to give me a call, chat so that we shall discuss and see how we can take a step towards mutual well being.

2015 - 2018 Independent & Collaborative Research
2012 - 2015 Research Engineer, CSIR-CEERI, CSIR Madras Complex
2011 - 2012 Project Assistant, CSIR-CEERI, CSIR Madras Complex
2010 - 2011 Project Engineer, DOEACC, Calicut
2009 - 2010 P.G. Diploma in Industrial Automation System Design
2005 - 2009 Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication
Tools & Skills
Operating System GNU/Linux
Documenting Emacs ORG, Latexilla, Libreoffice
Graphics Inkscape, Gimp, MyPaint*
CAD OpenSCAD*, LibreCAD*, FreeCAD*, KiCAD
Embedded Systems & Networking Decent. Comm. N/W Protocols, Data Acquisition, Storage, Analytics
Hardware Dev. Arduino, Beagle Bone Black, RTLSDR, NodeMCU
Software Dev. Buildroot, AVR/ARM GCC, Eclipse, Platform IO
Communications GNURadio, Pothosware, Baudline*
GIS JOSM, QGIS, uDig, MapSputnik, Geoserver, TileServer-light, Tippecanoe
Generative OpenFrameWorks*, Processing, PureData*
Complexity & Simulation Gephi, Netlogo, Tulip*, Cupcarbon*, Cooja*
Audio PureData*, Audacity, Ardour*, LMMS*
Video OpenShot*
Animation & Modeling Synfig*, Blender*
Gaming Godot*
* Learning
Independent Research & Learning
Design & Interaction
Complex Systems & Networks
Communication Systems & SDR
Food Systems + Democratizing Spectroscopy
GIS|RS|CS + Topography
GIS|RS|CS + Hydrology
GIS|RS|CS + Food Systems
GIS|RS|CS + Energy Systems
GIS|RS|CS + Transit Systems
GIS|RS|CS + Communication Systems
Co-operative Economics
Commons Based Peer Production
Commons Based Participatory Governance
Communication: Data, Visualization, Story Telling
2018 - Now Worker Owner @ COOPON || Technical Assitant @ French Institue Pondicherry
2015 - 2016 Scientific Publishing, Open Access, Open Data, Open Research & Open Science
2012 - 2014 Improving & Integrating NIR-AOTF based Spectrophotometer
2011 - 2012 Prototyping Instrumentation for NIR-AOTF based Spectrophotometer
2010 - 2011 PLC, PAC, DCS, SCADA, Teaching Control Systems
2010 - 2009 Measurement, Process Control Instrumentation, PLC, PAC, DCS
ILUGC Weekly meetup & discussion @ IITM
FSFTN Volunteering, Meetup, Workshop sessions
FSHM Volunteering, Meetup, Workshop sessions
FSMK Volunteering, Meetup, Workshop sessions
SIARS Volunteering, HAM Field day, Workshop participation
Passionate about :)
Cycling & its Working
Comics & Systems Drawing
Free Software Hacking
Free Hardware Hacking
Amateur Radio
Amateur Meteorology
Amateur Microscopy
Amateur Telescopy
Amateur Spectroscopy
Mapping & Cartography
Learning & Solving Rubik's Cube