why this portal ?

hey fellow collection of loosely connected atoms/cells !

explorers, learners, internetistas, hackers, students, researchers, scholars, & all other crazy commons ... :) Some of you might wonder what is this fucking portal here in first place !... Well this is my interface to the miserable humans out there who are floating around internet, accidentally stumbled across my site !

By the way,

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is my buddy cosmo here.

i find it interesting to have a companion to reside in this house instead of living all by myself.

Why should one has to log - the thoughts that emerge in mind ?

i mean, i remember stuff based not only on time but also based on categories. Content organization based on categories is given very less importance in blog space. It is also very monotonic to see that the blogs have a monotonic time based structure. i felt that is because existing frameworks for whatever reason seems to impose a structure for blogging. it eases one to start web log, but with comfort and structures comes the price of monotonicity and loss of uniqueness... that is how i feel honestly.

dots are connected with lines formed by time stamps at each dots. it means the blogger and the visitor are restricting their rich state of mind to linear nature of thought process and fails to even try to explore approaches for knowledge organization. i also do feel, that this timing constraint of conventional blog structuring made visitors of the blog expect something from the blogger, as if one would expect from a newspaper and other traditional electronic media. However, we all know internet, and even the phoenix bird = blogosphere is not that.

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i like to manage my stuff i.e., sharable knowledge in terms of GRAPH - as in graph theory. Time stamping is a good idea, but web logging in terms of time - for me - limits my thought process and communication with the world. So i prioritized to design this site in terms of category, and append time only when necessary, for example to notify about new posts, articles, interviews, RSS syndication ... thus, dots can be connected based on relations between concepts and subject matter.


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| hi i am his buddy, cosmo this dude calls himself an Independent
| Researcher & an Anti-Ignorant
| he likes to draw - which is somewhere between the realms of a comic and
| alphabets. you can obviously find who he is in the real world by reading the
| articles, locations referred, published papers, presentations... etc...
| he likes to stay anonymous as much as possible, ummmm... but never mind..
| that is not a big problem now.. He does one or two research oriented projects
| he is interested in. Checkout his research category :)
| bye for now !... we shall meet again in some article :D