Interact with Flight Gear

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Cosmobird + Ganesh 18 Aug 2017 30 mins. cc-by-nc-sa

i assume you like games and interaction like me... :), and love it when it is FOSS & Collaborative

Are you interested in playing FOSS games, that uses open data, contributions from free volunteers around the world ? Have you ever compiled a game and played it ? Do you like to explore the awesome logics, & functions behind the screen that makes the game work as we percieve ? Love to know the design of the whole game itself and its integration mechanism and policy ? Interested in simulation, and would like to know how a virtual world can emulate the reality and to see whether it is possible to creating a interaction merge between the player and the world itself. Do you like to know the physics, kinematics, AI that build the platform necessary for a game ?

Look Around

We are being surrounded by digital video games which are more in number than the real human-human games. Vangaurd technocrats are trying each day harder to bring more and more merged interaction with the the game's virtual world. It is becoming more of a polarized world of human into game Vs game into human form. Whatever the way, the cooperation and friction between both the world are governed by rational and emotional human decisions. However, i am not going to rant about its implications and will save it for another article.

What i am going to share is my experience and experiment that i have planned to engage with FlightGear - one of the stronghold that have legacy in free software realm. It is also one of the rare games where the player have the real control, down to protocol level - even without engaging in actual programming. A game that integrates knowledge from fluid mechanics, flight dynamics, kinematics, physics, artificial intelligence, statistics, graphics, geography, acoustics, simulation and computation.


I thought it would be fun and exciting to merge two phenomenal part of technological extremes that intertwines the human machine relationship - atleast at home level. It has been only gifted for privileged people to do so in society. With better awareness, open systems in place and enough affordability anyone can do similar thing. Thus even when at situations when i cannot access full resources necessary to handle this triumph - like people who have already done it, i am prepared to try it out atleast with my friends or peers' resources. I believe some of them will share their resources.

This writeup is not about explaining flight gear and its extended abilities. It is going to be about one can interact with its environment. Using Open Hardware construction to interface with both the Input/Output interfaces of the simulator. In addition i hope would bring me a entycing path to learn about flight dynamics in general atleast.